Imperfect/Old Stock/Moderately Fucked Up Sticker Grab Bags
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Imperfect/Old Stock/Moderately Fucked Up Sticker Grab Bags
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Contains a mix of full, half & quarter sheets of stickers, a mix of small and large, samplers, kits and partial kits, functional and decorative sheets, full boxes etc. Theres a ton of variety. My most common error and why they end up in the fucked up bin is punching through the sheet so they may be missing some stickers or have some that are hanging off a bit. another common error is a hole punching on the wrong side whoops where the sheet is completely fine but the personal planner sized punching was a whoopsie daisy. The cut marks are rarely skewed on our misfits and other than a non retail sheet they are pretty much perfect

No refunds on grab bags, its a surprise and I have already sealed them up so I can't pick out ones especially for you. No coupon codes please if you could, and if ordered at the same time as other items they will all ship together. There are no super specific/specialized stickers like Nebulizers or inhalers in the grab bags but they might have something like pill bottles which is more general.

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